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Compiling fo Linux Ubuntu

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Emilio Giuseppe Piracci
Emilio Giuseppe Piracci le 24 Fév 2021
Réponse apportée : Nihal le 17 Mai 2024
good morning,
please can you help me with the following:
I'm compiling a script (with Matlab Compiler app) in ver. 2018b, using a Linux Ubuntu 16.04 pc,
Will the executable file work also on Linux Ubuntu Version LTS ?
thank you for the help

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Nihal le 17 Mai 2024
Yes, an executable file compiled in MATLAB version 2018b on a Linux Ubuntu 16.04 system should generally work on a newer Linux Ubuntu version, such as LTS. However, there are a few considerations and steps you might need to take to ensure compatibility and smooth operation:
1. Runtime Compatibility
Ensure that the MATLAB Runtime corresponding to MATLAB version 2018b is installed on the Ubuntu LTS system where you intend to run the compiled executable. The MATLAB Runtime is version-specific but not operating system version-specific, which means a runtime for MATLAB 2018b will work across different Ubuntu versions as long as the system requirements are met.
2. System Libraries
Differences in system libraries between Ubuntu 16.04 and 20.04 could potentially cause issues. Most of these are addressed by the MATLAB Runtime, which includes the specific libraries compiled code might need. However, if your code relies on external libraries or system calls, you might need to ensure these are still valid and compatible with Ubuntu 20.04.
3. MATLAB Runtime Installation
If the MATLAB Runtime is not already installed on the target Ubuntu 20.04 system, you will need to do so. You can download the appropriate version of the MATLAB Runtime from the MathWorks website for free. Ensure to choose the version that matches your MATLAB compiler version (2018b in your case).
5. Architecture Considerations
Ensure that the architecture (32-bit vs. 64-bit) of the MATLAB Runtime matches that of your target system. Most modern Linux systems, including Ubuntu 20.04, are 64-bit, but it’s good practice to confirm.
I hope this helps!


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