Standalone App error using Statistical and Machine Learning Toolbox

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Good morning,
I've created an .mlapp file using Machine Learning Toolbox functions inside it. If I run it inside app designer the code works.
If I try to share a standalone app, the packaging and installation are working but the application doesn't run. Is this a problem regarding the Machine Learning toolbox, isn't it?
The code doesn't give any notification of error so I cannot understand where it might be.

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Anshika Chaurasia
Anshika Chaurasia on 1 Mar 2021
If your stand-alone does not behave as expected and you are unable to see any error messages or warnings, then proceed as follows in order to debug the runtime behavior:
1. Open a command prompt (DOS / shell).
2. Navigate to the folder that contains your executable using the "cd" command.
3. Start your stand-alone from the command prompt, any error messages or warnings should appear as they usually do in the MATLAB Command Window.
You can also refer to the links given below for more information on toolboxes/functions supported by MATLAB compiler:
You can refer to following link as a reference example to create standalone application from Classification learner app:
Hope it helps!

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