Adding text to movie in Matlab

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Prakhar on 17 May 2011
Commented: Anand on 25 Apr 2014
Hi Guys
The Phantom camera captures about 3000 frames during my experiment. Using the camera software, I make a movie (.avi format) from these frames. I now wish to add the time (text) to each frame. Can i do this in Matlab? I tried loading the .avi file in matlab..but i'm not able to find the commands which will help me to put some text on each frame. Any help will be appreciated
cheers Prakhar (Grad Student, Caltech)

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Jan on 17 May 2011
Without doubt Matlab is powerful. And you can hit a nail in the wall using a drilling machine.
Nevertheless, if there are dedicated usable solutions for a very specific task, it is in general more efficient to use them: The logo filter of VirtualDub, MovieMaker, etc. You could start with asking your favourite internet search engine for "insert text in AVI".

Michelle Hirsch
Michelle Hirsch on 17 May 2011
Try the text command.
- scott
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Anand on 25 Apr 2014
hi, i want to add text to every certain frames in a movie. the code below adds text throughout the video. do you know how i approach this problem? thank you
imshow(Background), hold on

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