Horizontal line in plot up to a graph

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Mepe on 26 Feb 2021
Commented: Mepe on 26 Feb 2021
How can I generate a horizontal line starting at x = 0 up to a graph (see figure, red line)? The x, y coordinates are of course available for the graph.

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KSSV on 26 Feb 2021
If you have the xlimits (x0,x1) and the y-value..the required equations is y = k.
x = 1:10 ;
k = 3 ;
y = k*ones(*Size(x)) ;
Also have a look on line.
Mepe on 26 Feb 2021
The value x1 should be freely chosen. From the point of intersection with the function (x, y) the line should run horizontally to x = 0.

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