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which matlab version support microcontroller package

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Gaurav Pipersaniya
Gaurav Pipersaniya on 15 May 2013
I want to connect microcontroller, arduino to simulink. so which lowest version do i need for this support package.


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Accepted Answer

B on 16 May 2013
Edited: B on 16 May 2013
2012a allows you to connect the Arduino boards to Simulink.


Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 16 May 2013
Right, that is the version that has the support built-in. You can also download an arduino support package from the File Exchange for use with some of the previous versions.
Gaurav Pipersaniya
Gaurav Pipersaniya on 16 May 2013
can u tell me which ccs version of tms320c6713 dsk support matlab 2012 and 2013 simulink?

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