Suggest some Tutorial book or pdf to learn Content Based Image and Video Retrieval with Matlab

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hi, I want to learn CBIR with matlab. Please suggest some Tutorial, Documentation , Pdf etc for Learning this. It would be very helpfull if you suggest some.Thank you in advance:
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Anuj kumar Sahu
Anuj kumar Sahu le 12 Mar 2021
Can you suggest some books to learn CBIR by matlab as the documentation seems hard to understand
Thanks in advance :)
Amit le 5 Juin 2021
  1. You need to form color, shape and texture descriptors for each of your database image.
  2. You need to find color, shape and texture descriptors for query image also.
  3. Then you need to compare descriptors of unknown image to descriptors of database images display similar images.
  4. Simple Euclidean distance or Support vector machine algorithm can be used to match the descriptors.
  5. As advance feature you can use Genetic algorithm to interactive rate retrieved images to exract beter matching images in next iteration.
You can send me you database images on, I will suggest you best descriptor and suitable approach of image retrieval that will be suitable for all of your images.

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Nagasai Bharat
Nagasai Bharat le 9 Mar 2021
The following link should help you getting started on this using MATLAB.Requirement would be the Computer Vision Toolbox

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