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Moving a perpetual license after maintenance expires

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Larry le 5 Mar 2021
Commenté : Ambrose le 13 Août 2021
Can a perpetual licence (individual option) be moved to a different PC after maintenance has expired? Can the license be deactivated on one PC and re-activated on a different PC if the maintenance is expired? Can a perpetual license be assigned to a different user by the administrator in the License Center if maintenance has expired?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 5 Mar 2021
Yes, Yes, and Yes.
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Larry le 5 Mar 2021
Ambrose le 13 Août 2021
It's worth noting that ToolBox products can not be moved between licences when maintenance has expired.
If you have unassigned Toolbox products with "perpetual" licences then these become unusable.
It's against mathworks policy to transfer products between licences, or from unassigned to a licence. It is however possible for you to remove a product from a licence, thereby permanently depriving you of that product - be careful "perpetual" does not mean perpetual !

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