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error using load command.

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Ricky on 23 May 2013
Answered: viking76 on 14 Jan 2014
I am using load command with the file address and name. It was always working fine but now suddenly I am facing a problem. So today I used the same code in office it was working fine , after reaching home I run the same code. It loads the file but the file contents are empty.
It is the same file I was working, nothing changed
Ricky on 23 May 2013
load ('C:\Users\Rick\Documents\ascan_test) .
I recorded this file today morning itself and it was working fine.

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Answers (2)

Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek on 23 May 2013
The only logical explanation is: maybe you've saved by error your file with an empty variable:
save ('C:\Users\Rick\Documents\ascan_test')
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Ricky on 23 May 2013
I was working on the same code for last 2 days, same file being loaded. The same data file I was using further in my programs . Today in office it was working perfectly and after coming home when I started again I am facing this problem.
Even I am wondering due to this strange behaviour.

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viking76 on 14 Jan 2014
Hi Ricky,
I am experiencing the very same problem. Did you manage to solve it? Thanks.

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