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How can I know if the repeated numbers of array A appear in B , and if so count their repetition (for A and B ) and divide their countings? A and B have different dimensions.

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I have two files, and I want to count for both files how many times the values are repeated in a certain column. And if the repeated values appear in both files (for instance: value 0.5 appears repeated in file A and also in file B) I want their counting to be divided.
Example: in file A, column 1 I have 230 number "2" , 430 number "3"....etc
in file B, column 1 I have 500 number "2" , 620 number "3"....etc
After that I need to divide 230 by 430.
500 by 620....and so on.
That's what I did so far:
A = load('fileA.csv');
B = load('fileB.csv');
a = A(:,1);
b = B(:,1);
So, in mag_a I have a list of numbers, and in count_a how many times these numbers appear repeated. Same for mag_b and count_b.
I don't know how to tell the program something like: If number "x" is repeated in A and also in B, count and divide the counting.
Thank you!

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Athul Prakash
Athul Prakash le 15 Mar 2021
Hi Ana,
You may extract the common elements of the array using intersect() function.
common = intersect(mag_a, mag_b);
Then you may create an array of common counts:
countCommon_A = zeros(length(common),1);
countCommon_B = zeros(length(common),1);
for i=1:length(common)
idx = find(mag_a == common(i));
countCommon_A = count_a(idx);
countCommon_B = count_b(idx);
From here, you may divide the counts as needed.
Hope it helps!
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Athul Prakash
Athul Prakash le 15 Mar 2021
Yes that's right. I left out the division in my answer since I wasn't sure what you were trying to divide, but this sounds right.

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