Is it possible to set channel type to gaussian?

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PAU TAÑA VIÑETA on 15 Mar 2021
Hi, I was wondering if there is an option to change the channel type from Rayleigh to Gaussian in LTE Toolbox.
I am simulating downlink channels and I would like to simulate first a channel with just AWGN.
I have seen ModelType can be GMEDS or Dent, both Rayleigh.
channel.ModelType = 'GMEDS'; % Rayleigh fading model type
How can I make the channel type to be Gaussian?
Thank You.

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Arthi Sathyamurthi
Arthi Sathyamurthi on 23 Mar 2021
As of now the available options for channel type in the channel model configuration are the Rayleigh fading model types such as ‘GMEDS’ and ‘Dent’. You can still switch off fading completely and implement a static MIMO channel model by setting the ‘DelayProfile input argument as ‘Off’. Here the matrix containing the link between each transmit and receive antennas will have zero delay and unit gain.
For more information you can refer to the input arguments subsection of the lteFadingChannel documentation page.
Arthi Sathyamurthi
Arthi Sathyamurthi on 24 Mar 2021
Hi Pau, since I don’t know the receiver blocks of your program the possible workaround/solution is to try checking your equations on normalizing noise power. In case you feel the equation is right, check if the AWGN noise generated is right (try plotting the PDF). Also one another workaround could be increasing the range of SNR.

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