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Change Logo on Matlab Figure (not GUI)

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Vineet Guru
Vineet Guru on 2 Jun 2013
Answered: Thomas Satterly on 15 Nov 2019
There have been multiple solutions to insert / replace the Matlab logo on a GUI with others. Is there is solution available for a Matlab Figure outside of a GUI. I've tried using set(gcf, .. and its variables..) but none seem to work for the logo.


Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 2 Jun 2013
What do you mean? Many/most people use GUI and figure interchangeably. The GUI you build with GUIDE is a figure and so is any other window that you create with MATLAB. To you, what is the difference between a "Matlab Figure" (with a titlebar and MATLAB logo icon on it), and a "GUI"? I'd like to see a screenshot. Please upload one.
Vineet Guru
Vineet Guru on 2 Jun 2013
Hi Image Analyst,
In it you will see two logos. The one circled in Red was introduced using the javaFrame script at the top of the GUI script within the OpeningFn routine.
The middle one circled in black is auto created by the Waitbar function in Matlab The top one circled in Black is created using the Figure(3) script pointed to in the picture.
What I would like is to have all logos the same. As it will be difficult to change the logo within waitbar (as it is a part of a matlab script, called by this m file), I was wondering if there something like "set (gcf, (with some code here))" to replace the logo.
mohammad ibrahim
mohammad ibrahim on 15 Nov 2019
Hello Vineet
I have the same question. have you found a solution ?
many thanks

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