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making the cuda volume renderer included in the sdk work with matlab

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Antonio le 4 Juin 2013
I'm interested in making the ray casting VR from Nvidia's SDK work with Matlab, but I've realized there's no documentation on texture objects via matlab's CudaKernel.
Can I make those (tex3Ds) work with the mex interface?

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James Lebak
James Lebak le 5 Juin 2013
Yes, you can use these in a GPU MEX file in R2013a. You will have to compile the MEX file for the GPU as detailed in the documentation.
We don't presently have an example that shows how to use textures, but the basic idea is:
  1. Declare the textures at file scope in the MEX file.
  2. Bind them in host-side code.
  3. Pass them into device functions in the MEX file.
I suggest that you unbind any bound textures before returning to MATLAB.
Inside the MEX file, you can use the GPU C MEX API to extract device pointers from gpuArray objects, and to return gpuArray objects to MATLAB.

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