Probabiliy Distributions in 3-D

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To give some context, I have a set of Gaussian kernel pdfs representing the temperature of the atmosphere as a function of altitude: [n x n] Dist variable (can convert to an [i x i] double using the pdf function in MATLAB).
I am able to individually plot the pdfs of each altitude (plot(x,y) or similar), but I am looking to plot all the pdfs on a 3-D plot of sorts. The aim is to more comprehensively show the pdfs in a report and given the nature of them I believe this approach would be better.
I explored the mathworks forums to see if I could find any advice but what I have found seems fairly vague in relation to my problem. Any recommendations, or previous discussion forums that are useful here I would appreciate.

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Arthi Sathyamurthi
Arthi Sathyamurthi on 24 Mar 2021
You can use the surf function to create a 3D surface plot. This function lets you have an interactive 3D plot where you can have your altitude in the z axis and plot your temperature. You can also use the contour function to look the contour of your PDF which would give you a good interference on the PDF.

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