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Melvin le 4 Juin 2013
Good afternoon,
I am working with .txt files that contain multiple "receivers" of data, that is, multiple sets of data coming from the same specimen. I would like to separate these receivers into different matrices, and plot each matrix. Each matrix is [rx2], and the receivers are separated by a row that specifies the beginning of the next receiver. I am able to read the text file but my code cannot differentiate between strings and numbers. How can I separate my data?
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Jonathan Sullivan
Jonathan Sullivan le 4 Juin 2013
Post a sample of your .txt file.

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Julius le 10 Juin 2013
I recommend using "readtext" function from File Exchange (<>.
Using this command to call "readtext":
the_data = readtext('sample.txt');
Then the_data is a n-by-1 cell array, where n is the total number of rows in your TXT file, including the blank row. The blank row becomes an empty cell element in the cell array. Identify those empty cell elements and you can separate data from different receivers.


En savoir plus sur Data Types dans Help Center et File Exchange

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