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Delete data from the following minutes from data that does not meet a certain condition

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tamara N
tamara N le 22 Mar 2021
Commenté : tamara N le 22 Mar 2021
Hi, I have a database in timetable format. I need to filter for those data that do not meet a certain condition.
I need to remove those data where "I" (a variable) is greater than 4 and also remove the values of the next 10 minutes when I> = 4.

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Seth Furman
Seth Furman le 22 Mar 2021
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tamara N
tamara N le 22 Mar 2021
Yes, with that I only remove the values> = 4 which I think would be something like this:
but I don't need to remove only the data> = 4, but also the data after 10 minutes of that reading. I have a 50000x20 timetable, where the column I have to evaluate is 3. I think I also have to use loops and conditional instructions. I do not know how to do it.

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