Extract Cell Array from Varying Sequence Length Dataset

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Denis Muhra
Denis Muhra le 24 Mar 2021
does anyone here know how the Cell Array in the JapanesVowels Dateset is extracted from the Dataset. I have a similar Problem and want to classify a Dataset of varying length sequences but i dont know how to extract the data into such a cell Array
You can find the Cell Arry by using this Command in Matlab Online.
[XTrain,YTrain] = japaneseVowelsTrainData;
It uses the following Dataset

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Gaurav Garg
Gaurav Garg le 30 Mar 2021
The Japanese vowels training set contains 270 sequences. Each sequence has 12 feature dimensions and a variable sequence length. Responses are a categorical vector of labels "1","2",...,"9", which correspond to nine speakers.


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