how to draw a temperature distribution on (x,y,z)?

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D on 9 Jun 2013

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Iman Ansari
Iman Ansari on 9 Jun 2013
t defines color:
[x y] = meshgrid(-10:0.1:10);
z =zeros(size(x));
z(x+2*y>-9 & 2*x+y<9 & x-y>-10 & x-y<15) = 1;
t = - x + y;
D on 11 Jun 2013
Thank you Iman.
I used function scatter3, like this: scatter3(x,y,z,[2000],t,'.'); grid off box off view(32,18); axis equal tight off vis3d; % azimuth 26 camproj perspective camlight; lighting gouraud; alpha(0.75); rotate3d on
And I got these:
The problem is that the temperature points are big (big circles) which i want to smooth out between other circles. If I make the cricles smaller, the distances between these circles are even bigger, and the picture looses its appearance:
How to overcome this? Can I maybe use interpolation, so that empty spaces between the circles could be filled out with average values?

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