cant open .fig anymore

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mohammad ibrahim
mohammad ibrahim on 29 Mar 2021
Edited: Jan on 31 Mar 2021
My GUI ".fig" was working very fine, but suddenly I have an error and I cannot open the .fig using GUIDE anymore.
can anybody help me solve this please ?
" here is the Error message"==========
Dot indexing is not supported for variables of this type.
Error in (line 59)
result = hgDataVars.(vars_hgM{1}).GraphicsObjects.Format3Data;
Error in
Error in loadFigure (line 31)
FF =;
Error in openfig>localOpenFigure (line 69)
h = loadFigure(filename, visibleAction);
Error in openfig (line 40)
figOut = localOpenFigure(filename, reuse, visibleAction);"
thank you
mohammad ibrahim
mohammad ibrahim on 31 Mar 2021
I was obliged to return to a backuped file to be able to reopen the figure file

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Accepted Answer

Jan on 29 Mar 2021
Use the debugger to find the reason of the problem. Type this in the command window:
dbstop if error
Then run the code again. When Matlab stops, check the types of the variables:
Jan on 30 Mar 2021
Okay. Now you know, where to search for the problem. Open the soure in the editor and search, where GraphicsObjects is set to the empty matrix.

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cr on 29 Mar 2021
Try clearing your workspace and then launching the GUI. Looks like you have a variable with the same name as the GUI.
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mohammad ibrahim
mohammad ibrahim on 29 Mar 2021
I did but the same error appears

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