Question about visualizing surface meshes, questions about MuPAD integration

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Brian on 13 Jun 2013
Hello, I want to visualize a mesh shell (not necessarily a STL file, but any mesh triangle surface) file better than I am currently doing it. What I do right now is import the points and connectivity of the surface mesh, and use plot3 to make a system of lines.
This has worked pretty well for meshes around 1MB to 20 MB, but gets horribly slow for anything larger. The data I import are two matrices: a n X 3 of xyz coordinates for one, and a m X 3 matrix of point connectivity. The point matrix has an x coord list in the first column, the y list in the second column, and the z list int the third column. My point connectivity matrix has three column entries in each row with indexes for points, and each row is a triangular element. The number of rows I have directly corresponds to the number of surface triangles I have.
To plot the shell, I use the command:
for i=1:length(vSurfFaceMx)
% Plot
hold on
plot3([ptMx(vSurfFaceMx(i,1),1),ptMx(vSurfFaceMx(i,2),1),ptMx(vSurfFaceMx(i,3),1), ptMx(vSurfFaceMx(i,1),1)], ...
[ptMx(vSurfFaceMx(i,1),2),ptMx(vSurfFaceMx(i,2),2),ptMx(vSurfFaceMx(i,3),2), ptMx(vSurfFaceMx(i,1),2)], ...
[ptMx(vSurfFaceMx(i,1),3),ptMx(vSurfFaceMx(i,2),3),ptMx(vSurfFaceMx(i,3),3), ptMx(vSurfFaceMx(i,1),3)], 'Linewidth', 1);
and I take the three column point indexes and their respective coordinates to plot a system of lines.
What I have tried in MuPAD is something very similar, which has a similar loading time but is much more fluid once it plots. To do this, I use the command:
plot::SurfaceSTL(filename, <UseNormals = b>, <a = amin .. amax>, options)
to create a surface plot of a STL. It doesn't seem to load any faster, but once its loaded its much more easy to manipulate.
I was wondering, is there a way to use MuPAD visualization commands from a MATLAB command window? I know that there are evalin and feval commands that you can use:
y = evalin(symengine,'MuPAD_Expression');
But I don't know how to use commands for visualization. Would something along the lines of:
plot3(symengine,'plot(plot::SurfaceSTL("pig shell.stl"), CameraDirection = [15, 13, 22], MeshVisible = TRUE, Filled = FALSE)');
work? I've tried with no avail.
Thanks for your time!

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