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moving an image across the screen along some vector path

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Kendall Donahoe
Kendall Donahoe le 6 Avr 2021
Réponse apportée : LO le 6 Avr 2021
hey Ive been trying to move an image of the avatar across the screen and can't seem to figure it out. I know how to shift the image using the identity matrix and was wondering if there was a way I could use that to make it move across the screen or any other way that it is possible. Here are some of the function names I have been using and the way that I shifted it. I have attached the image and a converter script that I used.
A= imread('avatar.jpg');
Aout=Jpeg2pointsConverter(A, 15);
plot(Aout(1,:), Aout(2,:),'b.')
[nrows, ncols]=size(Aout);
AA=[Aout; ones(1,ncols)];
>> S(1,3)=300
>> A3=S*AA;
>> hold on, plot(A3(1,:), A3(2,:),'r.')
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DGM le 6 Avr 2021
Modifié(e) : DGM le 6 Avr 2021
I have no idea what you're trying to do with this, but this whole thing
[M, N]= size(BB1);
BB2 = 255-BB1; %Invert so white is 0 instead of 255
BB3 = (BB2 > THRESHOLD); %Any point with high value is replaced by 1, and
%any point with a low value is replaced by 0
for ii=1:M,
for jj=1:N,
if (BB3(ii,jj)>0.5),
% this is going to return nonsense indices
% once you change the aspect ratio
PPout = PP(:,1:cnt);
can be replaced with this
[rows cols]=find(BB(:,:,1)<(255-threshold));
PPout=[cols; rows];
I don't know why you're returning all the row indices backwards, but i guess you could still do that
[rows cols]=find(BB(:,:,1)<(255-threshold));
PPout=[cols; size(BB,1)-rows];

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LO le 6 Avr 2021
try using circshift


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