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How to find percentages of red, yellow, orange and green in an image?

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Siddharth le 18 Juin 2013
I am doing image analysis on a few images of stained slides. I was hoping to find the percentage of the vessel that is red, green, yellow and orange. Any ideas on how to go about this? Thanks in advance for your help. As per a request, here's a link to the kind of picture I am dealing with. It is a picture of one of my stained slides.: http://tinypic.com/r/2mwi995/5 EDIT: for those that are interested, the differentiation of color allows us to determine the thickness of the collagen fibers. Each respective thickness has a different color. Any help would be appreciated
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Matt Kindig
Matt Kindig le 19 Juin 2013
For a first step, I would take a look at the demos that Image Analyst has posted to File Exchange. That should get you familiar with the basic functions of interest.
Siddharth le 19 Juin 2013
Hey Matt, I uploaded an image to tiny pic as per your suggestion. I have edited the question and I am looking at those links you posted as well. Thank you and if you have any other input or ideas let me know. Thank you again.

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random09983492 le 18 Juin 2013
Hi Siddharth,
I would take a look at the imread function build into Matlab. For an RGB image of size M-by-N, it will import the image as an M-by-N-by-3 Matrix, where red, green, and, and blue are separated into each Z dimension of the imported image.
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Siddharth le 18 Juin 2013
Hey Elliot, Thank you for your response. I have been looking into the function that you mention, I am just having trouble getting started. I'll look into it a bit more, but if you have any other further suggestions please let me know. I posted a picture of the stained slides on the comment thread. Thanks again!

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