can anyone help me to implement this algorithm of text watermarking?

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shafaq innam
shafaq innam on 19 Jun 2013 text file
2.find no of sentences(NOS)in text file
3. for 1= 1 to NOS, repeat step 4 to 15 of words in ith sentence
5.for j=1 to now, repeat step 6 to 15
6.low= length of jth word
7.for k=1 to low, repeat steps 8 to 15
8. sa= letter for comparison/search(kth letter)
10,for m=1 to word length, repeat steps 11 to 13
11.current letter=mth letter of word
12. if (sa=current letter)
word(k)= initial letter of kth word
break internal for;
15. k=k+1
17. i=i+1;

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