Exact Ordinary Differential Equation

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JC.UT on 9 Apr 2021
Edited: JC.UT on 9 Apr 2021
syms y(x)
ode=y*(1-x^2)*(diff(y))== ((x*y^2)-(cos(x)*sin(x)))
ode(x) =
-y(x)*(x^2 - 1)*diff(y(x), x) == x*y(x)^2 - cos(x)*sin(x)
sol =
((C1 - cos(x)^2)*(x - 1)*(x + 1))^(1/2)/(x^2 - 1)
-((C1 - cos(x)^2)*(x - 1)*(x + 1))^(1/2)/(x^2 - 1)
Did I properly tranlate the problem below correctly using the right syntax and operations ? Can you please check my code, is it correct ?

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Samuel Brewton
Samuel Brewton on 9 Apr 2021
I just ran it through and got the same solution so it seems to check out.

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