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Store variable number of data sets

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Ricky on 20 Jun 2013
Hello Everyone,
I have a matrix of size Z [15*22] elements and in this matrix I want to add some particular set of distance values. These distance reading I am getting from a sensor. My problem is that the number of distance reading vary. So in the first set of data readings my number of distances can be 22 but in the second set of reading I may get only 21 values. These values need to be plugged in Z matrix.
How can I solve this problem.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 20 Jun 2013
I don't see the problem. Why not just use a Z of 15x21? Who's forcing you to use only 15x22 when that is not appropriate for 15x21 data? Just use the size of the matrix that matches the number of measurements you have.
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Ricky on 20 Jun 2013
actually in the maximum value of distance readings is 22 and minimum value of distance readings is 20. I do not want to lose the information. I know one way could be to take minimum value and chop the bigger data sets. I am also thinking of interpolating my data to increase its size.
So I thought maybe someone can give me some idea on this forum.

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