Two Arduino Uno with 4 MPU6050 IMUs simulink

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hamad alzaabi
hamad alzaabi le 10 Avr 2021
I tried to get measurements from MPU6050 connected to Arduino Uno by using Arduino support package for Simulink, but it does not show readins??
Moreover, How I could implement two arduino Uno connected with 4 MPU6050 IMUs through simulink to get linear acceleration of body at the same time, it allowed me to implement only one MPU6050 to one Arduino Uno although there are two arduino UNO boards and 4 MPU6050 IMUs connected to the same computer.
Please help...

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Gayatri Menon
Gayatri Menon le 4 Jan 2022
You can connect 2 MPU6050s on the same Arduino I2C bus by changing the I2C Address of one of the sensor.
This can be done by connecting AD0 pin on one of the sensor to high, making the I2C Address of the sensor 0x69 and connect the AD0 of the other sensor to Low, making the I2C Address of the sensor 0x68.
Now in the model you can add 2 MPU6050 blocks. Specify I2C Address of one block as 0x69 and other as 0x68.
Hope this helps


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