count a loop when button is pushed

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TheDice on 12 Apr 2021
Answered: Mike on 12 Apr 2021
i have a button with which i start a function. in the function there should be a for loop that counts up every time the button is clicked. what is the best way to solve this?
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Answers (2)

Mike on 12 Apr 2021
All controls come with a "UserData" field. I would use that, In "startupFcn" initialize to zero
app.Button.UserData = 0
Then in the button pushed function
app.Button.UserData = app.Button.UserData + 1;

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 12 Apr 2021
See attached GUI. When you press the Go button, it counts up and put the result into a text label on the GUI. When you press the Stop button, it stops.

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