Test Manager - Trigger response assessment with variable time

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Hi everybody,
I am in the learning phase with Simulink Test and I am working with the Test Manager. I am trying to do something which I cannot find in the documentation. I want to do a trigger-response assessment with variable time. I would like to do a rule similar to the following:
At any point of time, if A == 1 becomes true, then, with no delay, B == 1 must stay true for at least Time_min
My goal is that Time_min is defined when a trigger occurs (as described in the picture below). But unfortunately, if I use a signal as timing value, I get the error "Mapping for symbol 'Tmin' is not a valid time: expected a non-negative scalar numeric value." when I execute my test. Has anyone an idea how I could reach my goal?
Thank you for your help.

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Arthi Sathyamurthi
Arthi Sathyamurthi on 27 May 2021
Since T_min gets defined only when a trigger occurs the possibility that during first trigger, T_min is unassigned properly and gets defined as 0 or a negative value. So when you try to generate a signal that needs to be constant for that particular time T_min you get the error stated. Hence try to initialize the value of T_min before using it in the block.
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Nicolas Broch
Nicolas Broch on 28 May 2021
Thanks Arthi! I will try it. However, I have decided to note use anymore the temporal assessments in the Test Manager because they are very limited, it's impossible to change de order of assessments and they make my tests much more longer. Instead, the blocks "test assessment" which have the drawback to get less info back in Test Manager but are much more flexibles.

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