Forecasting using a NARX network trained using catsampled training input

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Hugh Milligan
Hugh Milligan on 15 Apr 2021
Answered: Saurav Chaudhary on 20 Apr 2021
Hi all,
I've been training different NARX networks using large volumes of training data, 236 sets, each containing a minimum of 100 inputs and outputs, and at most 1371.
I'm using input delays of 1:4 based on the significant lags I observed in the data. As I am using a time-series, and my data is discontinuous due to a large prescence of NAN in the data, I am using catsamples to concatonate the samples into one large discontinuous training set. This mean my inputs and targets are for the network are
1x1371 cell, each cell containing a 1x236 double arrays.
Once I've trained the net, I wish to forecast using new external inputs, however because of the formatting of catsamples in the training process, I am receiving a formatting error. Can anyone direct me as to how to prepare a small set of inputs and targets (7 hour forecast, so 7 inputs, 7 targets) to test to the network?
Thank you in advance.

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Saurav Chaudhary
Saurav Chaudhary on 20 Apr 2021
Please refer to the MATLAB answer link attached below which might give you some ideas.




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