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FFT: Amplitude 3D Spectrum of a time series

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Matlab2010 le 27 Juin 2013
I have a synchronously sampled time series. I wish to plot the 3D spectra of the time series (time (seconds), frequency (Hz), amplitude (dB)).
Does matlab have a built in tool for this? I cant see how to get it out of periodogram etc.
thank you
T = 1000;
t = 1: T;
ts = randn(T,1);
Fs = 50; %the sampling frequency.
Ns = 10; %the frequency resolution.
xa=[0 Fs];
%I want to find the amplitude.
amp = ?? %amp is a matrix size (Ns x T)
title('\bf Time series Spectrum');
xlabel('\bf Time');
ylabel('\bf Frequency (Hz)');
colorbar; %the color is the amplitude (in dB)

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Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen le 27 Juin 2013
You should be able to use spectrogram for this.

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