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How to take average of lines in Plot & Plot it as one graph?

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Nihar Jariwala
Nihar Jariwala le 18 Avr 2021
Hi Guys,
I have a graph with 140 lines, each of them having 200 points. I want to plot one line that has to be the average of 1 graph.
For Example: 1st Point = Averages of all the 1st Point of 140 lines.
2nd Point = Averages of all the 2nd Point of 140 lines.

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Thiago Henrique Gomes Lobato
Do you have access to the data of all those graphs as a matrix? If so you can do it in a very straight forward way:
data = randn(200,140); % Substitute by your data
dimensionContainingTheLines = 2;
averageResult = mean(data,dimensionContainingTheLines);
plot(data,'color',[0.9,0.9,0.9]); hold on


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