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standard deviation of two elements of a 3d matrix

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William le 28 Juin 2013
I have a 672 x 32 x 2800 matrix that I need to chop into a 672 x 2800 matrix but the rows need to be the standard deviation of the columns in the original 3d matrix. Here is what I am doing which is all wrong
new_col_data = zeros(672,2800);
new_col_data = [std(data, 0, 2),:]
I cannot figure this out. Can someone please tell me what is wrong?
Thank you

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Shashank Prasanna
Shashank Prasanna le 28 Juin 2013
Modifié(e) : Shashank Prasanna le 28 Juin 2013
A = rand(672,32,2800); % Some random data:
B = std(A,[],2); % Compute the standard deviation
B = squeeze(B); % Squeeze it

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Sean le 28 Juin 2013
Sounds like you want to squeeze it!

William le 28 Juin 2013
I tried this:
>> new_col_data = squeeze(std(data,0,2),:);
Error using var (line 59)
First argument must be single or double.
Error in std (line 32)
Something went wrong. I do not have a single dimension in this matrix
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Sean le 28 Juin 2013
Mine doesn't have a squeeze(blah,:). It's supposed to jsut be squeeze(blah)

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