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suggestion for sound analysis audio player GUI.

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Sunil  Shahi
Sunil Shahi le 29 Juin 2013
I have been using matlab for sometime now. I have made some simple GUI using GUIDE but never done more than that. Now I am doing a research for sound analysis and I need to make a audio player with progress bar as a spectrogram. I have no idea where to start. I would be very thankful if any of you could guide me to good resources if anybody has done similar stuff.
Thanks in advance

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Guru le 3 Juil 2013
I believe there is (or used to be) a demo in the Signal Processing Toolbox called
This should get you a start with how you might go ahead and do this. For further reference, if you sign up for the MATLAB Signal Processing Training with MathWorks there is an example that is used within that class that you can probably easily manipulate to do this.

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yeshwanth manhcuri
yeshwanth manhcuri le 5 Juil 2013
just go on with the help content in the matlab area...i didnt understand wat u meant by spectogram in progress bar,.....a function called "AUDIO PLAYER" will read the data from the microphone provided to u....n then justt do some analysis.....


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