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Making a text heading to a table with numbers

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Taikhum Vahanvaty
Taikhum Vahanvaty le 19 Avr 2021
I have a matrix A = [ 0,0,0,0; 3,4,5,6; 7,8,9,1].
I want the first row to have text headings, Like A = [ cats, dogs, ants, fish; 3, 4, 5, 6; 7, 8, 9, 1].
How can I do this? I believe I willhave to create a cell array? So if I create a new matrix with the text headings first, how can I assign the numbers to this cell array? Eventually I want to be able to write this table in an excel sheet (.csv format) and the numbers should appear as numbers only.
Thank you for your help!

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David Fletcher
David Fletcher le 19 Avr 2021
Modifié(e) : David Fletcher le 19 Avr 2021
%Creat table with named fields
tbl=table(3,4,5,6, 'VariableNames',{'Cats', 'Dogs', 'Ants', 'Fish'})
%Add row(s)
tbl{end+1,:}=[7 ,8 , 9, 1]
As for Excel, I personally rarely touch it, but I believe you can use writetable to save a table in Excel spreadsheet format.


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