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Removing a column from a Matrix product in one expression

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JC le 20 Avr 2021
Commenté : JC le 20 Avr 2021
In MATLAB I want to achieve the following in one expression,
C = A * B;
C = C(:, 2:end);
Naturally it'd be something like
C = (A * B)(:, 2:end);
However that gives me an invalid expression error. How do I do this properly?

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David Fletcher
David Fletcher le 20 Avr 2021
Strange as it may seem, try this
C= A * B(:, 2:end)
Terser is not always better, especially when things start to become confusing and ambiguous
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JC le 20 Avr 2021
Thanks. Interesting. This is actually a different method but does produce the correct solution.

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