How can I use the ButtonDownFcn of Uitable

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Staffan on 24 May 2011
Answered: Clemens Nyffeler on 30 Jan 2015
when i click on a uitable (which is enabled), the cellSelectionCallback is executed. - how can I get Matlab to execute the buttonDownFcn? - right click executes buttonDown, but eventdata.Indices are not defined in R2009b, are they in other releases? - CellSelectionCallback sometimes executes several times with different indices, any idea why?
I just want to click somwhere in the uitable and then do something depending on the indices... Would appreciate any help!

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Clemens  Nyffeler
Clemens Nyffeler on 30 Jan 2015
I had the same problem and found the answer here (For some reason the ButtonDownFcn just doesn't work and is simply useless for the uitable):
You need to use Yair Altman's FindJObj()
And then you can register additional callbacks using the underlying Java object.
jscrollpane = findjobj(htable);
jviewport = jscrollpane.getViewport;
jtable = jviewport.getView;
set(jtable, 'MouseClickedCallback', @onClick);
Where onClick() is a regular matlab function that takes two arguments (handle and eventdata). There are other callbacks you can register as well, like
... and those are just the ones related to mouse events. Use get(jtable) to find out what else is available.
This works for me in version R2013a.


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