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Need help with BER

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Neeraj Chimwal
Neeraj Chimwal le 23 Avr 2021
Commenté : Neeraj Chimwal le 27 Avr 2021
I used 4 block encoding techniques to encode/decode image. I first added some noise to image, then encoded it, then applied filter to reduce noise and then decoded it. I did these steps in all 4 encoding techniques.
Now I want to compare those techniques to find out which one is better. I know that it can be done by ploting BER but I don't know how to do it.
Can you pls help me with this?

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Shadaab Siddiqie
Shadaab Siddiqie le 27 Avr 2021
From my understanding you want to know how to user BER to compare two images. Here is an example :
You can also determine the theoretical BER curve by using the berawgn function. Refer Bit Error Rate Computation for more information.
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Neeraj Chimwal
Neeraj Chimwal le 27 Avr 2021
Thankyou I wanted to create a BER curve. I have one question. In berawgn, what should be my EbNo?
Sorry if this is a naive question. Should I convert my final decoded image to vector for EbN0?

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