Saving base workspace to .mat file multiple times in GUIDE GUI

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Henry le 4 Juil 2013
From looking at previous threads, I've seen how you save the workspace to a file (thank you Jan Simon) but I was wondering if you could do this more than once.
I would like my user to be able to change a load of variables in the GUI, and if they like the outputs, be able to save that data to an .mat file. Then, if they have another fiddle and want to save some more data, it would save to a seperate .mat file.
Is this possible? Or is there a quick trick to writing the code to make it work elegantly?
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Henry le 4 Juil 2013
Yes, sorry, I'll edit the question.

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Guru le 4 Juil 2013
Yes it's possible.
All you really need is to have a means to choose what to name your MAT-file from your GUI.
This can be done by having an Edit textbox control in your GUI, or using some other means with the UI controls to prompt the user for a filename.
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Guru le 6 Juil 2013
Well place the save command code I put in the previous comment with your evalin commands. That should work.

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