legends rescaling issue in MATLAB figure saving

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Somnath Kale
Somnath Kale le 23 Avr 2021
Modifié(e) : Allen le 28 Juin 2023
When I am saving my matlab figure in tiff or png file, the legends are going back to there default fontsize and overlaps with graph content. How can avoid this issue?

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Shadaab Siddiqie
Shadaab Siddiqie le 28 Avr 2021
From my understanding when you save a plot it's legend's font size is reverting back to default. I have brought this issue to the notice of our developers. They will investigate the matter further.
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Somnath Kale
Somnath Kale le 28 Avr 2021
Modifié(e) : Somnath Kale le 28 Avr 2021
But you know I found solution also. And Its as- go to the figure tab and instade of saving the .tiff file directly copy the vector grapics and paste into word or ppt and thats it!!
Allen le 28 Juin 2023
Modifié(e) : Allen le 28 Juin 2023
@Shadaab Siddiqie I am curious if you have received any feedback from the developers and if they are planning to resolve this issue, or if you have come across another method to programmatically correct the issue. @Somnath Kale's manual fix using the "Copy Figure" selection in the Edit Menu does work perfectly to resolve the rescaling problem, but is not practical when working with large quantities of figures programmactically generated and saved to an image file.
Here are some examples of the expected outcome (manually copied/pasted) versus the actual (programmatically saved). Note that the rescaling issue also effects other objects such as textboxes.

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