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How to use function "setBlockParameter" to set the parameter of Simulink block "prismatic joint"?

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"Prismatic joint" is a block in the Simscape Multibody library. Function "setBlockParameter" is used to set parameter of a block. But it seem unable to set the parameter of such block. Here is the code and display.
But there is indeed a parameter called as above.
So .....

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Clayton Gotberg
Clayton Gotberg le 24 Avr 2021
I believe the issue is that the parameter name is simpler than the path you've typed. For ease of reading, a lot of the parameter names seem to be shortened and nested like in your third image. However, there is a property called 'PositionTargetValue' that I can write to in the little test sim I made. Give this a try:
in = setBlockParameter(in,'chair_exp2/PJ_ground_rail','PositionTargetValue',0.2)
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Clayton Gotberg
Clayton Gotberg le 24 Avr 2021
I'm glad I could help! Thank you for an interesting question.

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