How to get an expression from a textbox in GUI?

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Péter Hauschild
Péter Hauschild le 24 Avr 2021
I'm working on a program in GUI which purpose is to solve non-linear equations. My idea is a simple interface with 4 buttons, axes and a text field where the user can write mathematical expressions (like @(x) 4-4*x^2-exp(x) ), hit a button with a predefined solver, and the program solves the eqation. (A have the functions for the solver already and it works) I know I should use the get() function to get the expression from the text field, but it cannot run, because there is an error somewhere. I tried to change the fromat of expression with str2sym() function but it didn't work. My idea is the following for the push button:
syms x
Thank you for your answers!

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Shadaab Siddiqie
Shadaab Siddiqie le 27 Avr 2021
Modifié(e) : Shadaab Siddiqie le 27 Avr 2021
From my understanding you want to get a equation from the textbox of the GUI. You can use inline like so:
f=inline(equ,'x') % this makes function f with independent variable x, f(x)
In case there are multiple variables please refer inline.


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