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how to plot cell array and how to get its imaginary part?

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Nara Lee
Nara Lee on 24 Apr 2021
Edited: dpb on 25 Apr 2021
hi there
if each cell has two components an i just want one of them to be plotted waht should I do?
and how i could get its imaginary part only?

Accepted Answer

dpb on 24 Apr 2021
Use cell indexing expressions--
>> c={[rand(4,1),rand(4,1)]}; % presume the format described for some sample data
>> c{:} % the cell content
ans =
0.94 0.61
0.46 0.56
0.98 0.29
0.20 0.79
>> c{:}(:,2) % return column 2 only
ans =
See the doc for details on addressing cell arrays @
dpb on 25 Apr 2021
"i did it but there is no answer and i got error"
What, specifically, was "it" and what was the error? Can't see your terminal from here and the crystal ball is back in the shop for repairs (yet again)...
And, of course, I guessed at what your original Q? was actually describing so show us what you actually have and had tried before if you hope for any meaningful answers.

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