How to make an if/else statement

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Sandy le 5 Juil 2013
My data file consists of 3 columns and 100,000 rows. I want my code to go down a series of rows and test each row for the following.
if column1 > 13 & column1 < 15
put all those rows in a matrix (including columns 2 & 3)
elseif column1 > 2 & column1 < 4
put all these rows in a different matrix (including columns 2 & 3)
What's a good approach to this?

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Guru le 5 Juil 2013
FIND with the conditions is actually the way to do this.
% First read in your data file into MATLAB, let's say variable A
I1 = find(A(:,1) > 13 & A(:,1)<15);
I2 = find(A(:,1) > 2 & A(:,1) < 4);
% Now that you know the rows you want to assign, simply assign them...
B = A(I1,:);
C = A(I2,:);

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Kelly Kearney
Kelly Kearney le 5 Juil 2013
No if/else needed... just some logical indexing:
a = rand(100000,3)*15;
b = a(a(:,1)>13 & a(:,1)<15,:);
c = a(a(:,1)>2 & a(:,1)<4,:);


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