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Why do lines 1 and 2 create a matrix?

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Crystal Judd Unson
Crystal Judd Unson le 25 Avr 2021
Hi, I'm new to MATLAB. Why does this code create 2-dimensional arrays? I tried it on a Coursera course and it somehow works but I'm a little confused on how line 1 and 2 create a matrix. Thanks!
function [a,b,c,d]=corners(x)
a=x(1,1); %top left
b=x(1,end); %top right
c=x(end,1); %bottom left
d=x(end,end); %bottom right

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David Fletcher
David Fletcher le 25 Avr 2021
The code doesn't create a 2 dimensional array - it is supplied with a 2 dimensional array (argument x) and the function returns the values that are at the corners of that array
function [a,b,c,d]=corners(x)
[y,z]=size(x); %Gets the size of x - values not used in the function so largely serves no purpose
a=x(1,1); %top left value returned
b=x(1,end); %top right value returned
c=x(end,1); %bottom left value returned
d=x(end,end); %bottom right value returned

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