Index exceeds array bounds.

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Sudhaunsh Deshpande
Sudhaunsh Deshpande le 28 Avr 2021
Commenté : Walter Roberson le 16 Mai 2023
clc; clear;
dt = 0.5;
Glucose = zeros(1,361);
Glucose(1,1) = 6000;
Glucose_Released = 110;
Glucose_Used = zeros(1,361);
Usage_Fraction = zeros(1,361);
t = 0:dt:180; % We need to generate a time vector for our plot
for k = 2:length(t)
Glucose_Used(k) = Glucose(k) * Usage_Fraction(k); % Based on Euler?sformula
Glucose(k-1) = Glucose(k) + [Glucose_Released(k) - Glucose_Used(k)]*dt;
Please help!!
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Adam Danz
Adam Danz le 28 Avr 2021
Question edited to format code.
@Sudhaunsh Deshpande, looks like David hit the nail on the head. Let us know if you have any other questions.
Sudhaunsh Deshpande
Sudhaunsh Deshpande le 28 Avr 2021
It did kinda work, the values are now zero which means that my guy is dead, but hey atleast the damn thing runs!

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David Fletcher
David Fletcher le 28 Avr 2021
You have defined Glucose_Released as a scaler value
Glucose_Released = 110;
You are then trying to index it, which will cause an error
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Sudhaunsh Deshpande
Sudhaunsh Deshpande le 16 Mai 2023
Pardon my text editing:)
for i=1: length (t) Glucose Used(i) = Glucose(i) * Usage_Fraction(i); Glucose(i+1) = Glucose(i) + (G lucose_Released(i) Glucose_Used(i)) *dt; Insulin breakdown(i) = Insulin(i)/k; Insulin(i+1) Insulin(1) [Insulin_Secreted(i) Insulin_breakdown (1)] *dt;
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 16 Mai 2023
You have
Glucose(i+1) = Glucose(i) + (G lucose_Released(i) Glucose_Used(i)) *dt
We can assume an accidental space,
Glucose(i+1) = Glucose(i) + (Glucose_Released(i) Glucose_Used(i)) *dt
but there needs to be something between Glucose_Released(i) and Glucose_Used(i)

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