How to calculate RMS of ring and center of dark area

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Tina Hsiao
Tina Hsiao le 29 Avr 2021
Commenté : Tina Hsiao le 29 Avr 2021
Hello, I would like to seek your help. I have an ellipse beam shape. How can I calculate the RMS of ring shape and RMS of center of dark ellipse area by using matlab program ? Thanks a lot.
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Tina Hsiao
Tina Hsiao le 29 Avr 2021
I think I would like to know the RMS value of the gray levels within the shape. The ring shape created by the Elliptical Laguerre-Gaussian (P=0, L=5). So far as I know, the ideal beam ring shape intensity is uniform,
but the data does not uniform. I would like to know how uniform of ring intensity shape is. So I try to give a RMS as an index. Could you give me a help? Thanks a lot

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