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How to loop over column?

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dwi maulida
dwi maulida le 29 Avr 2021
i have matrix input(4,12). i want to do loop over column but it only work for last column.
how do i get the loop correctly?
for j=1:12

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Pavan Sahith
Pavan Sahith le 14 Mai 2024
Hello ,
I assume that you want to normalize each column of the input matrix individually, but there's a misunderstanding in how you're applying the normalization and the loop.
input(:) is used, which converts the whole matrix into a column vector, affecting all columns at once rather than column-by-column. You should be using input(:,j) to focus on the current column in the loop.
The reshaping at each iteration is unnecessary if you're only modifying one column at a time. Instead, you can directly assign the normalized values back to the original column.
create some sample data for a 4x12 matrix to test the normalization code provided.
input = rand(4, 12) * 100;
apply the normalization loop to this input matrix:
for j = 1:12
% Normalize each column individually
colMin = min(input(:,j));
colMax = max(input(:,j));
% Check if colMax is equal to colMin to avoid division by zero
if colMax ~= colMin
input(:,j) = (input(:,j) - colMin) / (colMax - colMin);
% Optional: Handle the case where all values in a column are the same
input(:,j) = 0.5; % This is just an example decision
To verify the results, you can print the modified input matrix or inspect specific columns to ensure they have been normalized as expected.
I used 'rand' function to create some sample data. You can refer to the following MathWorks documentation to know more about
Hope this will help you in moving forward.


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