How can i do a loop function

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Merel Vanderweeën
Merel Vanderweeën le 29 Avr 2021
I would like to calculate the net present value of a number per 60 years. So i have matrix 100x60 matrix (BuildingEnvelope_LCA_input), where there is the price of something in the rows, and then the price per year in the columns. So i would have to go by every number of the matrix, and do a calculation. This is how it looks in excel:
I thought it would be possible by a loop or something, but i am a matlab beginner and have no idea. I thought it would be something like this:
for n=1:10
Is this correct? Or what should i do?

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Nagasai Bharat
Nagasai Bharat le 3 Mai 2021
From my understanding you are trying to apply an operation to every element in you array. The arrayfun function should help you achive that instead of using a loop.


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