I can't seem to connect my voltage source (and hopefully for the same reason the rest) to the rest of my circuit but this to me looks the same as MATLAB's Colpitt's Oscillator? TechnicalQuestion

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So my circuit is on the left, and MATLAB's Colpitt's Oscillator is on the right. I'm currently using a DC Voltage Source and that can't connect to either the RConnect or the LConnect. I tried a Continuous Wave Source but that only had a connection at the positive terminal. I'm aware that I'm using Sources and not a bias but the only bias block I can find is under Simulink and doesn't look anything like that. As most of these are from SimScape, I assumed the same about 'Bias Voltage' but now I'm not so sure.

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Nagasai Bharat
Nagasai Bharat le 4 Mai 2021
Looks like the inductor, capacitor and resistor you are using are from the RF Blockset which is why they are unable make connection with the components from Simscape.
To resolve you issue try to use the blocks(Resistor, Capacitor and Resistor) from Simscape/Foundation Library/ Electrical / Electrical Elements in the Simulink Browser Library.
Refer the below documentation


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