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displaying element of matrix

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Eram Khan
Eram Khan on 2 May 2021
Edited: dpb on 4 May 2021
How can I display a matrix as output of a function which element are two decimal point based number.
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Jonas on 2 May 2021
if you want to display a matrix you can use disp(matrix)

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dpb on 2 May 2021
Edited: dpb on 4 May 2021
To use disp and have two decimal points, use format bank first, otherwise will get whatever precision is associated with the current format. Have often thought there should be some ability in disp to have some control over formatting without the full need of fprintf and derived friends.
Otherwise, num2str
or, for more control over where placed since disp trims leading blanks in the above
>> format short,format compact
>> disp(A)
240.1400 0.0032
5.0000 3.0000
3.1416 6.0000
6.0000 4.0000
8.0000 0.0000
>> fprintf('%10.2f%10.2f\n',A.')
240.14 0.00
5.00 3.00
3.14 6.00
6.00 4.00
8.00 0.00
General form would be something like
fprintf(repmat('%10.2f',1,size(x,2)) '\n',x.')


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