XPS data gaussian multipeak fit

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Babu Sankhi
Babu Sankhi le 2 Mai 2021
Hello all,
I tried for the gaussion fit at the particular peak for the XPS data . But it didnt work it just give me straight line !! can you please help me how can I do that? The codes I tried are pasted below.
Thank you
plot (o1s1(:,1),o1s1(:,2));
x= o1s1(:,1);
startPoints = [1.5 900 10 0.6]
gaussEqn = 'a*exp(-((x-b)/c)^2)+d';
f1 = fit(x,y,gaussEqn,'Start', startPoints);
set ( gca, 'xdir', 'reverse' )
xlim([770 790])

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Mohsen Tamtaji
Mohsen Tamtaji le 23 Nov 2021
I have the same question.
I thinks its better to use Origin pro for the XPS data.


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